Sherry A Palmer

 (OMG – I don’t normally write testimonies, whether I like the product or not. I feel however, it is my obligation to share what a great product Lavender Snow is if it will convince someone that purchasing this product line will be one of the best investments you can ever make)

I burned my forehead pretty badly about a month and a half ago with a curling iron before meeting Patricia. The burn had healed but turned really really dark on my skin. Patricia brought her Lavender Snow products to display in an adjacent building from my workplace. On the very first use of the sea salt scrub, it actually lightened the darkened skin resulting from the burn. After every use, it lightened it even more. Today you can’t even tell that I was burned. This is honest to God’s truth.

Lavender Snow Sea Salt scrub leaves your face and body baby bottom soft and smooth. I just cannot say enough about the Lavender Snow products. I have purchased and use the Sea Salt Scrub, Moisturizer (Pure Moisture), and the Toner. If you care anything about your skin, you owe it to yourself to look into this product line. This is one of the best products I have come across in years!

Angela R.

 “I am a 32 yr old woman who has struggled with adult acne for the past 10 years. I have spent over $10,000 on acne treatments such as laser, chemical peels, RX prescriptions, and numerous over the counter products for skincare. Nothing worked. I found my self-confidence slipping. Desperate, I  then tried Accutane – a very expensive and dangerous “acne cure RX “. Accutane treatment included monthly dermatology visits, blood tests, pregnancy tests, frequent bloody noses. My hair became brittle,  breaking off. The Accutane only worked for a total of 6 months, so I went on it again. The 2nd Accutane treatment only lasted 8 months. Desperate, I was about to go into the Doctor for an almost unheard of 3rd Accutane treatment when I found Patricia and the Lavender Snow Products. Lavender Snow has changed my life. I went from looking like I always had salt on my face with little white breakouts and my skin feeling like a reptile to totally different skin. Now my skin is very clear skin, scars are fading, and my face and body have skin that is smooth like a baby complexion. Within only One Week of using Lavender Snow exactly as directed,  my acne was gone. I purposely waited 2 months to be positive about using Lavender Snow products before contacting Patricia to offer this testimony. I say this: Lavender Snow is a miraculous skin treatment. It is now the Only Product I will ever use on my skin.  It is the one and only acne treatment I will forever recommend.”

Diane Shepard

To Those Interested in

No More Pain:
I met Patricia at an expo and started asking questions about the quality of her products. This is a top priority for me and, “I’m impressed with Lavender Snow quality” I do not like to use any synthetic or artificial ingredients in health or beauty products. What’s rare is to find is the quality & blends of the essential oils that are in the Lavender Snow product line.  “They are really quite unique!”  The Organic Essential Oils add so much to the decadence and the effectiveness of this Lavender Snow serum. They calm down my nervous system, while working locally on my sore spots. The base of the serum meets my standards, too. it is Not the inexpensive poor quality that are common allergens. I consider it an extra bonus that Patricia makes these with a nurturing spirit because we all need more nurturing!

Mr. Walker


I have suffered from chronic pain due to severe arthritis and multiple surgeries all of my life. I’ve purchased and tried everything that  I have ever seen or heard advertised for pain relief in magazines, newspapers, infomercials, radio, TV, in festivals, from friends…everywhere! Nothing has ever worked…until now!.

A family member was attending the Fall festival in Colorado Springs. When overhearing others at the festival talk about the Lavender Snow product line, their interest peaked and they found the booth.

At the Lavender Snow booth was Patricia, the artisan who Handcrafts in very Small batches, a very unique line of numerous products.  Once made aware of my chronic pain, Patricia recommended I try specific Lavender Snow products. The  “No More Pain” was a topical serum for pain relief to be applied after using the “Frankincense & Myrrh”  dry to touch sea salt scrub that was to be used in the shower daily for optimum absorption of the No More Pain. The Perfect Mist was to be used for stress and helping with sleep.

I carefully followed the directions provided.

For the first time ever,

my pain was actually gone!!!

After continuing to use the products for 6 weeks, I called Patricia to find out where to purchase more. I also wanted to say thank you.  When I said Thank You for making these products she softly told me to say

“Thank You to GOD”  


“to His Angels”.

Patricia told me that she is simply the conduit whom the Recipes come through. She also shared with me that all her products are Handcrafted in prayer for Healing for each and every customer.

If you happen to stumble across a Lavender Snow booth, Count your Blessings!

I consistently receive a minimum of 8-10 hours of pain relief using the Lavender Snow products. This may not be as long as all of the other customers who get 21 or 36 hours of pain relief, but to me, after struggling with pain all my life, 8 hours feels like an eternity!

Hannah F.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about LavenderSnow . I love that everything is all natural and that I know what I am putting on my skin! My mild rosacea has actually subsided. My face has never looked better. I bought the Grapefruit Toner, the Sea Salt Scrub, and the Pure Moisture Serum. I absolutely love love the Grapefruit Toner. My skin feels so refreshed after putting it on! I normally do not write testimonials, but these products are truly Incredible!!!  Thank you!

Tony G.

I purchased the lemon and lavender scrubs, unscented oil and No More Pain oil in Palmer Lake on Saturday, October 7th. I applied the No More Pain on my knee at 11:45pm Saturday night. I have the beginnings of osteoporosis in my right knee and haven’t been able to run without crippling pain for 3-4 years. Within minutes I had no more pain in my knee!

Here is the amazing part…at 2 PM Sunday afternoon I was chased by a very aggressive bee.  After the incident I stood still and couldn’t believe what happened! I had run full speed to get away from the bee because it was trying to get at my ears and eyes. I was almost in tears that I had run full speed for at least 100 to 200 feet without any pain at all, none! No after effects, twinge, or even a hint of discomfort!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found you and your products. This is truly a blessing.

Dorrie J.

Lavender Snow is the “Fountain of Youth”!!!

Pam Cuneo

I really Love the Migraine kit that I purchased from Lavender Snow.  I was shown this product at the Mind, Body & Spirit Show in Denver, Co.  Within only a few minutes my headache was completely gone!

I felt so much better!   I will be using this product going forward and I would definitely  recommend it to anyone.

Thank you so much!

Mandy McKnight


I came across Lavender Snow in 2016 and I’m still using Lavender Snow today! My favorite is the Grapefruit Toner/Cleanserwhich leaves my face/neck feeling deeply clean & refreshed. I love the “It’s Your Face” roll-on and the Pure Moisture Serum!  I always use the Sea salt scrub in the shower. and

I personally recommend the new Lip Moisturizer in Lemon!

I so appreciate that the Lavender Snow products are all-natural because I don’t have to worry about what is going on my skin. I can customize the products to get the scents I love or purchase scent-free!

Erin Murray

I purchased some of your products Sunday. I LOVE THEM!!! I bought a large Sea Salt Scrub, large Toner/Cleanser and a Pure Moisture Serum. I am in awe of how my skin looks and feels in just under a week of use. What a Blessing! Thank You!