Well Known as a Profound Healer, Patricia, who is also a Medical Qi-Gong Practitioner, is

Blessed with the Gift of Sight.

She offers numerous modalities in Healing to clients & customers ranging from Infants to 99+.

Spiritually Guided to create this unique line of products…

Lavender Snow is Handcrafted in very small batches to a specific HZ cycle for Healing.

Customers share that Lavender Snow products  ‘Truly are Unique…Amazing…and a Blessing in their life’.

Sea Salt Scrubs ‘Clear the stagnation in the Etheric field’.

Mists hold energetic fields relieving Stress, Night Terrors, Nightmares, Anxiety & Grief.

Pain Relief blends work with-in minutes. Serums and Moisturizers for face and body heal at a cellular level.

The entire line is free of toxic chemicals. It is available unscented, or scented with Organic , Food Grade, Therapeutic Essential Oils.