Lavender Snow is not just a product, it’s a remedy and solution. Patricia’s knowledge and her utmost caring has made her one of my favorite vendors and great friend. She is there for me and now my dogs! LOVE her and her products!

Mask Sanitizer

I was gifted a bottle of your mask sanitizer. I love the way it clears my head and helps my breathing when I spray it on my mask!

Carla N.

Patricia, I stopped at your booth last year at the Denver BMS and I purchased “The Perfect Mist”  I haven’t found anything like it! I absolutely love it! It smells wonderful and with only one spray I can feel instant relief from stress and heaviness in my chest. I am hoping that you still make it because I would love to order more!

Megan Valencia

I was traveling & having a hard time sleeping. The smells of the detergents/softeners used by a relative in their linens, combined with a different bed & room had me awake from 3:30 am on during my entire visit.  Patricia recommended using the “The Perfect Mist”  and the  ‘Violet essential oil in a roll-on’. I slept 8 hours consecutively. I felt amazing the following day! I plan to travel with both The Perfect Mist and a Violet roll on from now on.

Anjali Dhurandhar

The Perfect Mist is very relaxing. When I spray it around my bed at night, I sleep much better. It uplifts my mood. The roll-on moisturizer is great for keeping my hands soft during the winter. It is Not greasy. The body scrubs smell wonderful! They are so nice to use in the bath and in the shower.

Pam Ball

I have been using Patricia’s Lavender Snow for a while now and I love it! I love the way it makes my skin feel so soft. My 5-year-old son has problems with eczema and a skin rash he gets on his face and Lavender Snow has improved both for him. The first time he used it he said, “it is very refreshing – like walking outside on a cool day”  He used the peppermint scent that day. I recommend Lavender Snow to anyone who wants softer, smoother, and healthier skin!”

April Hartmeister

I found Lavender Snow at a lovely little place in Cherry Creek called Beacon. Patricia’s work is really lovely. The scents are amazing and calming and the scrub leaves the skin soft and supple. It feels like a spa event using it for the face and body. I bought one for my mother for Christmas, what a treat it will be for her! The oil perfume is also lovely and it doesn’t take much and it is long-lasting! Love it. Thank you Patricia for your talents!”

Laura Stout

I love the Lavender Snow because my skin feels absolutely fantastic afterward. My skin is softer than it has ever been and radiates after using it. I use it daily and am very happy with the results I have seen so far. I love that Patricia uses organic Lavender and is very selective about the ingredients she uses in her products. Thank you Patricia for making me “GLOW!”

Nikki Kern

Last month I purchased the Lavender Snow Salts, Toner, Moisturizer & Body Mist and absolutely love the products! I live in Edwards, CO where our elevation is 7600 and extremely dry. I have been a “lotion freak” my whole adult life as my skin is somewhat sensitive and gets very itchy if not properly moisturized. I started using the Lavender Snow products every-other-day at first and continued my normal routine on the off days. Within a week I realized how much better my skin felt and how many fewer blemishes I had on both my face and body! I am excited to add the serum to my routine and am so glad to have found these products! Thank you!!

Celina Kerndt

Lavender Snow products are ‘Amazing’ I was really lacking hydration in my skin even though I was using products purchased from an expensive high-end spa. Since using Patricia’s Lavender Snow Organic skincare line, my skin is hydrated!!! I also love knowing there are no harmful ingredients. Lavender Snow products are very reasonably priced. They are Absolutely Wonderful!