Tiffany Flynn

I bought Patricia’s Lavender Snow Migraine Kit. I was hesitant because I have tried everything for my migraines! I even had finally succumbed to taking prescription medicine for them. I was up to taking two within an hour of each other in order to get rid of the migraines!

The very first time I used the Lavender Snow Migraine Kit on an existing migraine I was able to get rid of it without using any of my prescription medicine!  It was a Miracle!

Then I thought….maybe it was a fluke …but I tried it again anyway. Poof! It was gone again! Without prescription medicine! Now I catch the migraine before it comes on and I can stop all the migraines with the Migraine Kit.

This stuff is AMAZING and I will never be without it!

Joanie Young

I wanted to let you know that I am so glad I found you! I love your products! The Sandalwood Mist makes me feel wonderful and relaxed!!!

Chris P.

We met at the mountain festival. My daughter began to use your products for her eczema. She is using the lavender Rose Sea Salt Scrub & the No More Pain. She also uses the Pure Moisture Serum, which she puts on her wet skin after bathing. Since using the products, all of her eczema sores have gone from being large red welts to small white areas. The welts and the itching is gone!!! I want you to know how truly grateful I am for this! My daughter had not been comfortable in her body for years. Since finding Lavender Snow products, she feels good again!

Betsy Wassilak

I purchased the Lavender Snow ‘No More Pain‘ product at a festival in Estes Park last year. I recently strained my back and the No More Pain was the one and only thing that helped me!!! I was able to attend a wedding I would otherwise have had to miss due to the pain.   I have quite a few people interested in purchasing this because of the Excellent results I got with your No More Pain serum. Thank you!

Rhonda Cliver


I met Patricia at the Denver Merchandise Mart a few years ago and was so blessed to meet her and experience her divine gifts in a bottle.


I recently ordered the Lemon Mist, Protection Mist, Lavender Rose Mist,

Lavender Toner-Clenser and Pure Moisture Serum.  Patricia’s energy is very present in these bottles of bliss. My day begins and ends using one or the other. The energy is life-altering…at least for me. An A+ rating. 😊



I met Patricia at a festival in Grand Lake. She had a sign listing her products. and two caught my eye…. relief from migraines & hot flashes!  There was a long line of customers but I was determined to talk with her about my hot flashes. Patricia told me about herself,  her product s and about  the “Lemon Mint Mist”  I bought it. Now I can’t even imagine what I’d do without it!
So effective! I love it!