Ashley Albrecht

I’m not entirely sure if they are meant to, but your body scrub and toner have helped my acne immensely! I am so terribly happy with it! I have always had bad flare ups on my forehead and chin but your products seem to make them diminish within a day! So, so happy with these! Thank you!

Sandra Valadez

I purchased your Wonderful sea salt scrub in Pagosa Springs. My experience with your products is amazing. The salt scrub leaves my skin so velvety soft! It got rid of the little bumps on the back of my arms. My 2 teenage daughters soon discovered it & started using it to wash their faces. They both suffer from acne & within a week, their complexion started to clear up! The difference showed so much…softer, clearer & brighter.  I am a huge fan of natural products. I love the idea that no harsh chemicals are being used, this scrub is by far one of the best I’ve ever tried (& I’ve tried a lot!).

Pam Ball

We finished off a jar of Lavender Snow Body Scrub awhile back and I finally took a new jar of it out the other day, when my 6-year-old son saw the jar, he got really excited and said, “you got some more of this stuff, I love it”. So Lavender Snow is not just for adults, kids love it too!

Joanie S.

I purchased 3 Lavender Snow products and I love every single one of them! They have lasted and have been a great addition to my line of support to stay healthy. I want to look and feel the best that I can. Thank you, Patricia!!


I love the Lavender Snow products! I have been using Rose scented for two months. I love how “Pure Moisture” works with my skin to naturally hold in moisture and keep my skin hydrated. My skin has a healthy glow! The rose scent is a delight!”

S. Tschetter

I have been using Patricia’s (Lavender Snow) sea salt scrubs for many years. It was the first of her products that I started using. The sea salt scrub is still my favorite Lavender Snow product.  There are many scents to choose from which makes it difficult to decide on just one favorite. Her sea salt scrubs leave my skin so soft & clean since it gently exfoliates dead skin away. I use it from head to toe but especially love it for my face & hands. Another product that I recently started using is her Pure MoistureAbsolutely Amazing!!! It is one of a kind. It works as a moisturizer for your skin with no oily feel yet leaves your skin hydrated, soft, and smelling oh so good.

The Grapefruit Toner is another favorite. It cleans my face so well & leaves it feeling fresh. Patricia has so many products to offer for a variety of needs.

I promise you won’t find anything better anywhere else nor with the high quality that Lavender Snow is. Lavender Snow products are homemade, unique, handcrafted, effective, and worth every penny!! 

Thank you Patricia for your creativity with face & body products. So glad I found you & Lavender Snow.


The Lavender Snow products are AMAZING! The sea salt scrub leaves my skin silky smooth….it is gentle enough I use it on my face. I spray the “Perfect Mist” on my sheets and pillows just before bed. The delicate scent helps me relax. I fall asleep faster. Thank You, Patricia, for such Divine Products that have been a blessing in my life.


Lavender Snow is absolutely amazing!! In just two weeks my skin has improved 1000%. I am truly grateful for finding Patricia and her amazing products! Thank you so much!!

Regina C.

I purchased a bottle of the “Perfect Mist” from Lavender Snow. I love the scent and freshness of the mists. I have had vertigo for the last three years, and I feel that the calming effects of the Lavender Snow mist have helped reduce the stress and anxiety that is associated with vertigo. AMAZING!